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COKI's update to the Open Access dashboard

The Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI) has completed the migration from Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG) to OpenAlex

Published onJul 25, 2023
COKI's update to the Open Access dashboard

The research organization called COKI (Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative) has updated their Open Access dashboard. They moved from using Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG) to OpenAlex.

This dashboard now has information about research that was published in the year 2022.

The OpenAlex dashboard is better because it has more data, covering 14,477 institutions and 221 countries, compared to the previous 7,701 institutions and 189 countries. The dashboard also now includes data from 16 more African countries, which is good for showing and enhancing African research.

You can see this data on the AfricArXiv country profile page.

You can check out more data on COKI’s main Open Access website or use a comparison dashboard to see differences between countries or institutions.

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