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A researcher's Guide to Metadata Integration Increasing Discoverability of African Research

Crossref, AfricArxiv, and the Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) joined forces to host a series of workshops aimed at supporting discoverability or research in Africa through metadata and integrations between repositories and indexing platforms.

Published onApr 22, 2022
A researcher's Guide to Metadata Integration Increasing Discoverability of African Research

This collaboration will include talks from Crossref staff alongside speakers from  The African Library and Information Associations (AfLia), AfricArXiv, TCC Africa and African Journals OnLine (AJOL) in a three part webinar series.

Target Audience

Publishers, researchers, editors, service providers, hosting platforms, funders, and librarians.

Meet the speakers

Johanssen Obanda- Community Manager, AfricArXiv

Joy Owango- Executive Director, TCC Africa

Vanessa Fairhurst- Community Engagement Manager, Crossref

Rosa Clark- Community and Events Manager, Crossref

Jennifer Kemp- Head of Partnership, Crossref

Susan Collins- Community Engagement Manager

Kylie van Zyl- Journal Assessment Officer, African Journal Online(AJOL)


The first session was held on 21st April 2022 and covered the topic:

  • Who Crossref is, what they do for the benefit of the scholarly community

Recording of the session

Part II

The second session held on 28th April 2022, featured a presentation from Jennifer Kemp, Head of Partnership at Crossref on How Crossref metadata integrates with scholarly research tools and discovery systems.

Recording of the session

Part 2-Researcher's Guide to Understanding Metadata Integration Discoverability of African Research

Part III

The last part of the series was held on 5th May 2022, on the topic “How members work with Crossref to register research content” presented by Susan Collins- Community Engagement Manager at Crossref. The session also featured a presentation by Kylie van Zyl- Journal Assessment Officer at African Journal Online(AJOL) who guided the participants on Crossref DOI’s at AJOL.

Recording of the session

About Crossref

Crossref is an official digital object identifier Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation. Crossref makes research objects easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse. We're a not-for-profit membership organization that exists to make scholarly communications better.


About AfricArXiv

AfricArXiv is a community-led digital archive for African research, working towards building an African-owned open scholarly repository. We partner with established scholarly repository services to provide a platform for African scientists of any discipline to present their research findings and connect with other researchers on the African continent and globally. 


About AJOL

AJOL is a Non-Profit Organisation that (since 1998) works to increase global & continental online access, awareness, quality & use of African-published, peer-reviewed research. Millions of monthly downloads by site users from nearly every country in the world are an indication of the need and widespread use of the AJOL initiative.


About TCC Africa

The Training Centre in Communication(TCC Africa), is the first African-based training center to teach effective communication skills to scientists. TCC Africa is an award-winning Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya.  TCC Africa provides capacity support in improving researcher’s output and visibility through training in scholarly and science communication.


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