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Report on AfricaOSH Open Hardware Workshop (Learning how to build an OpenFlexure Microscope from scratch)

Published onJun 26, 2023
Report on AfricaOSH Open Hardware Workshop (Learning how to build an OpenFlexure Microscope from scratch)

AfricaOSH Open Hardware Workshop (Learn to build an OpenFlexure Microscope from scratch)

AfricaOSH In-Person Open Science Hardware Workshop in Ghana

Date: June 16, 2023

Group photo of participants during the AfricaOSH Open Hardware Workshop

AfricaOSH successfully organized its first in-person open science hardware workshop in Ghana on June 16, 2023. The workshop took place at the Kumasi Hive Event space and primarily catered to students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, with one participant being a high school teacher from the Ghana Education Service (GES). A total of 13 individuals attended the workshop, consisting of 6 females and 9 males.

The participants represented various fields of study and work, including Parasitology, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physiology, Biology, Food Science Technology, Civil Engineering, Physics, Doctor of Pharmacy, and Agricultural Biotech. The workshop lasted for 6 hours and aimed to introduce open science hardware and open hardware concepts to the attendees.

The workshop began with a concise introduction to open science hardware, highlighting its benefits such as accessibility, customization, and transparency. Examples of open science hardware, such as open-source microscopes, DIY thermometers, and 3D-printed lab equipment like pipette holders, were presented to the participants. They were encouraged to embrace open scientific practices, collaborate with fellow researchers, and utilize open scientific tools in their own projects. The session concluded with a discussion on the challenges facing open science hardware in Africa and the global efforts being made to address them. Furthermore, the participants were introduced to the Africa Open Science and Hardware Community, which shed light on the activities of AfricaOSH and its commitment to promoting open science hardware practices throughout Africa.

During the workshop, a special session was held featuring the Community Coordinator for the Global Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community. The coordinator delivered a presentation on GOSH, its purpose, and how its activities are promoting open science hardware on a global scale. Find Bri’s slides on GOSH here:

The main highlight of the event was a training workshop on the OpenFlexure Microscope. Thanks to a grant from GOSH and the Albert P Sloan Foundation, all participants were provided with the necessary materials and tools to build their own OpenFlexure Microscope. The workshop leads guided the participants in identifying and understanding each component of the microscope, as well as how to assemble them. The attendees were divided into three working groups, each responsible for building one microscope. At the conclusion of the workshop, all groups had the opportunity to view microscopic slides using their newly built microscopes.

For further information, complete documentation of the OpenFlexure Microscope can be found at Additionally, workshop photos and videos can be accessed at

You can also check out this really cool video wrap-up from the workshop here:

Overall, the AfricaOSH in-person open science hardware workshop in Ghana proved to be a valuable experience for the participants, providing them with knowledge and hands-on training in open science hardware while fostering collaboration and awareness within the local scientific community.

We thank the Gathering for Open Science Hardware ( and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ( for their support.

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