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Scholarly and patent literature as a public good to inform problem-solving in Africa feat. The Lens

This session is part of the AfricArXiv Webinar Series on Open Science for the Discoverability of African Research.

Published onDec 04, 2023
Scholarly and patent literature as a public good to inform problem-solving in Africa feat. The Lens

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Scholarly and patent literature as a public good to inform problem-solving in Africa

Speaker profiles

Mark Garlinghouse

Director, Business Development @The Lens

Mark Garlinghouse is responsible for business development at The Lens. He joined The Lens in 2019 to support its transition to financial sustainability. Mark has over 25 years of experience in the information industry, working with Information Handling Services (now S&P Global Engineering Solution) and the Institute for Scientific Information/Thomson Reuters (now Clarivate) in various business development and leadership roles.

Aaron Ballagh

Manager, Scholarly Content @The Lens

Aaron is the Scholarly Content Manager for The Lens. Starting his career in fisheries research, Aaron moved into research information management when he joined the Research Services team at James Cook University as a research data and systems analyst. He then joined the Research Services Division at The Australian National University working on the university’s research information systems to analyze and model research performance. As research data manager, Aaron submitted the Excellence in Research for Australia submission for ANU before joining Springer Nature as data product manager for the Nature Index.

Questions that were addressed during the session

  1. How does The Lens contribute to making scholarly and patent literature a public good, and how can this contribute to problem-solving in Africa?

  2. In what ways does The Lens facilitate access to scholarly and patent literature, and how can this accessibility be leveraged to address specific challenges faced by African scholarly communities?

  3. How has the use of scholarly and patent literature through The Lens platform impacted innovation and problem-solving initiatives in Africa?

  4. What role does open access to scholarly and patent literature play in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among African researchers and innovators on The Lens platform?

  5. Can you provide examples of successful problem-solving initiatives in Africa that have been influenced or supported by The Lens, and how has the availability of literature as a public good played a crucial role in these initiatives?

The Lens supporting African research discoverability

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ORCID feat. The Lens

Enabling Value featuring The Lens

About the webinar series

This webinar was co-organized by UbuntuNet Alliance and Access 2 Perspectives as part of the ORCID Global Participation Program.

ORCID is the persistent identifier for researchers to share their accomplishments, such as research articles, data, etc with funding agencies, publishers, data repositories, and other research workflows.

AfricArXiv is a community-led digital archive for African research communication. By enhancing the visibility of African research, we enable discoverability and collaboration opportunities for African scientists on the continent as well as globally.

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