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Register and Become a Local Network Lead at Your Institution!

Registration for AREN'S Local Network Lead training program

Published onFeb 02, 2024
Register and Become a Local Network Lead at Your Institution!

The Local Network Lead (LNL) training program of the African Reproducibility Network (AREN) is now open for this year’s registrations.

The initiative aims to equip individuals with the skills to establish local communities of practice and lead engagement efforts within their university or research institute.

By becoming an LNL, you join a global community that is actively dedicated to advancing best research practices, including open science and reproducible research, through coordinated collaborative endeavors.

This training opportunity is available to postgraduate students, postdocs, faculty, researchers, individuals in management-level positions, library personnel, and professional and technical support staff at universities and research institutes across Africa.

For more details and to register, please visit their website's announcement page.

Additionally, you can find updates on their Twitter (X) and LinkedIn social media channels.

About AREN

The African Reproducibility Network (AREN), a member of the international family of Reproducibility Networks (RN), is a community-led initiative that seeks to bridge the gaps in open science advocacy and adoption across Africa.
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