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Exploring the Openness of Global Research Landscapes Using Open Data: The COKI Open Access Dashboard

This session is part of the AfricArXiv Webinar Series on Open Science for the Discoverability of African Research.

Published onJun 24, 2024
Exploring the Openness of Global Research Landscapes Using Open Data: The COKI Open Access Dashboard

Watch the recording

The slides are available at

Exploring the Openness of Global Research Landscapes Using Open Data: The COKI Open Access Dashboard

Speakers’ profiles

Kathryn Napier

Dr Kathryn Napier is a data scientist who bridges the analytics gap in transdisciplinary research. She is currently the Technical Lead of the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative, leading a team of data scientists and software developers who work with leading experts in open access and scholarly communication. Together, the COKI team develops tools and infrastructure for navigating and tracking open access performance.

Lucy Montgomery

Prof Lucy Montgomery is a world-leading expert on open access, organizational sustainability, research cultures and hidden impacts. She is currently the Dean of Research, Faculty of Humanities at Curtin University, and the co-lead of the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative: a major strategic research project exploring how big data can help universities to understand their performance as Open Knowledge Institutions.

Questions that were addressed during the session

  1. How does your project aim to impact the African open science community? 

  2. How are you collaborating with other organizations in the open science field?

  3. How does the COKI Open Access Dashboard measure the openness of global research landscapes, and what key metrics or indicators does it use to evaluate this?

  4. Can you share some specific examples or case studies where the COKI Open Access Dashboard has significantly impacted an institution’s approach to open access and knowledge sharing?

  5. What challenges have you encountered in collecting and analyzing data for the COKI project, and how have you addressed these challenges to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your insights?

  6. How can universities and research institutions leverage the insights provided by the COKI Open Access Dashboard to enhance their performance and align more closely with the principles of open knowledge?

Related resources

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About the webinar series

This webinar was co-organized by UbuntuNet Alliance and Access 2 Perspectives as part of the ORCID Global Participation Program.

ORCID is the persistent identifier for researchers to share their accomplishments (research articles, data, etc with funding agencies, publishers, data repositories, and other research workflows.

AfricArXiv is a community-led digital archive for African research communication. By enhancing the visibility of African research, we enable discoverability and collaboration opportunities for African scientists on the continent as well as globally.

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