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How to write compelling scientific review papers

Summarising theories and results from a number of research studies

Published onAug 20, 2020
How to write compelling scientific review papers

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Speaker Biodata
Umar Ahmad is currently a PhD student of Genetics with Medical Genetics Laboratory (MGL), Genetics and Regenerative Medicine Research Centre (GRMCR) of the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI). His work in basic and translational research is focused on developing targeted therapy for human bladder cancer using high-throughput sequencing technologies. His PhD work is focused primarily in deciphering the genetic components that regulate the molecular pathways and networks underlying the development of persistent infection in bladder cancer. He just had his viva last month here in UPM. Umar has won several prestigious awards that include one from UPM, Galaxy Community, Bioconductor and ISMB/ECCB among others. He is currently serving as Bioinformatics Co-ordinator at the Science Communication Hub Nigeria, and an IT technical support lead and a moderator at AfricArXiv, an Open Access repository platform for African scientists to share their research outputs and datasets freely at anytime. He has also been a reviewer for BMC Cancer (Q1 Journal), Genomics (Q1 Journal), and Disease Markers (Q2 Journal). 

Mostly scientists and researchers don’t have time to thoroughly mine literature on specific topics or areas of their interest for reading purposes. They prefer reading other authors reports or reviews that comprehensively summarise the entire results of their thorough review on a particular topic. In this webinar, you will be introduced to the key concepts, general organisation and synthesis of the past works, the review paper. A scientific review paper provides a critical evaluation of previously published work on a specific topic or a topic of interest.

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