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The Challenge of Discoverability

AfricArXiv is working in collaboration with Open Knowledge Maps to increase the visibility of African research.

Published onApr 22, 2021
The Challenge of Discoverability

AfricArXiv is working in collaboration with Open Knowledge Maps to increase the visibility of African research. In the midst of the discoverability crisis, our collaboration will advance Open Science and Open Access for African researchers across the African continent. 

In detail, our collaboration will:

  • Promote African research globally

  • Foster Open Access practices across the continent

  • Build viable research infrastructure for OA scholarly communication

  • Promote the use of African traditional languages in Science

  • Bridging language gaps in Science (fr/en/ar/pt) 

  • Promoting the African Principles for Open Access of scholarly communication

Current proprietary discovery systems are not able to address the discoverability crisis appropriately because they lack innovation. Features like visualizations, recommendations, and semantic search that we are used to from other parts of our daily lives are not available to academics in these systems. This is where Open Knowledge Maps comes into play. The open and community-driven infrastructure takes on the discoverability crisis challenge by providing gamechanging services. Open Knowledge Maps’ search engine enables researchers, students, and practitioners to quickly identify relevant resources by creating knowledge maps. Instead of long, unstructured lists, it creates rich visual overviews of research topics. The infrastructure builds on library content and dramatically increases their visibility and discoverability. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Open Knowledge Maps has teamed up with ReFigure to address the specific discovery needs of scientists developing therapeutics and vaccines for COVID-19. Together, we have launched CoVis, a curated knowledge map of seminal biomedical research works on COVID-19.

Read the original blogpost at 

View the ‘Africa’ on Open Knowledge Maps  – Contextualised search results based on metadata and keywords and tagged with ‘Africa’. 

Read more about our collaboration with Open Knowledge Maps at 

About Open Knowledge Maps

Open Knowledge Maps is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to improving the visibility of scientific knowledge for science and society. As part of its mission, Open Knowledge Maps operates the largest visual search engine for research in the world, which enables a diverse set of stakeholders to explore, discover and make use of scientific content. In addition, Open Knowledge Maps carries out training to improve literature search skills for different audiences. Open Knowledge Maps shares all of its source code, data, and content under an open license, and it openly publishes its roadmap and activities to enable broad community participation. | Website: – Twitter: @OK_Maps

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