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Webcast entry - guideline

Short description on how to add and edit scholarly citable multimedia content in AfricArXiv pubpub repository.

Published onJul 26, 2020
Webcast entry - guideline


  • Title (in not more than 20 words)

  • Contributor (s)

  • Image

  • Description

  • Recording (video file)

  • License (CC-BY 4.0)

  • DOI (assign doi to the work)

  • Preview



The title (Pub title) for the webcast is probably the same as the actual recording, for example the title of the Webcast session itself.


This section is equivalent to the authors’ list on a research article. Add here the names of the speakers, and session facilitators and other people involved. Also fill in the fields for their ORCID (if they have one, please check online), their affiliation and role.

The role can be assessed or redefined for this specific case along the lines of the scheme at


Add the announcement/event advertising image to also archive the artwork to the session. Include image credit as feasible to acknowledge the work of the graphic designer.


Add a description or the announcement text for the session and any other relevant additional information like speaker biodata, boilerplate for the hosting institution(s) et cetera.



if possible upload the recording to


Embed the recording either through iFrame or by entering the youtube link (click on ‘Media’ in the edit toolbar)


Format the entry according to your own style preferences while keeping usage of headlines, text in bold and/or italics, etc at a feasible minimum.
feel free to add lists, quotres, embed codes etc. from the toolbar.

Pub setting

Here you can chose a license (preset to CC BY) and add a doi to the Pub, if applicable.


Make sure that formating and all content (components) are provided and run a final spell check.

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